Our Blog

Here's a collection of thoughts that we had throughout our project and thoughts we had on how our project progressed. We highlight the progress of the different cmponents of our project, as well as our overall progress. You can find information about the timespan of our project through our reflections on the Sprint Reviews.

Team Health

How our team worked together and what we did to stay cool


A website post about making website posts, and our whole website.

Game Design

What is the game supposed to be like? How are the robots supposed to be played with?

Bluetooth Development

The way our implementation of bluetooth changed over the course of the project

Evolution of Mechanical Systems

Follow the evolution of our mechanical systems through our project!

Evolution of Our App

Read about our journey to creating the Android streaming recognition app we have today!

First Blog Post : Sprint 1

What we did in Sprint 1 and what our reflection on it was after the Sprint Review.

Second Blog Post : Sprint 2

Our thoughts after the second Sprint Review.


What we learned about IR LEDs and how we worked with them.

Visible Lasers

How we integrated lasers which help the user aim.

The Evolution of Integration

The different issues and solutions we have run into while integrating the robot over the course of the project.