Sprint 3 Recap

What We Wanted to Accomplish

  • Two Completed and Fully Functional Robots which have...
    • differentiating features
    • completed, robust drive trains
  • A Phone Application which uses..
    • continuous voice recognition
    • integrated bluetooth
  • A Game Design

What We Actually Accomplished

  • CAD Designs for two robots
  • 2 Functional Robots Which Have...
    • differentiating features
    • functional drive trains
  • A Phone Application which uses..
    • button-controlled voice recognition
    • integrated bluetooth
  • A Game Design
    • robots compete in a game over laser tag
    • robots are fully controlled by voice control app

More In-depth Description of Our Product So Far

The main goal of this sprint was to complete our MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which is 2 fully functional voice controlled robots that can compete in a game of laser tag. Over the series of late nights, Chinese food runs, and pizza deliveries we were able to accomplish this goal.

We were also able to take a break and relax as a team, so we all went out to get Chinese food and talk about things outside of this project.

The Process

We started by getting all the main pieces together that we were missing. This included finishing and fixing the CAD for our two robots, making our code more refined, and finishing integration of our components.

Last sprint we ran into issues with assigning tasks, so we sat down and made sure everyone knew what they needed to work on and set strict, but realistic, deadlines for these tasks. Our team has scrums every night to check in on how much work is getting done, and to reevaluate deadlines if needed. These meetings ensure we stay on task and ensure members feel comfortable and confident with the work they are doing.

What We Learned From this Sprint

By the Sprint Review, we had talked about our problems from this sprint. We decided that for the next sprint (Sprint 3), we won't give vague tasks. For example, we won't give tasks like "research implementing lasers" but "send and recieve IR LED signals". We will also be more reasonable about what we want to accomplish and in what time frame.

Our Dragon Shell

With a layer of spray paint primer!

Our Electrical Component

Rewired and looking pretty

Screenshot of our phone app

New and improved look

Our bee base

Also with a layer of primer

Our bee base

As we were testing it out