Why make voice-controlled batte robots?

Before our first sprint started, we got together and brainstormed what we wanted our project to be. One of us wanted to make weapons... a lot. One of us wanted to make a project with interacting robots. One of us wanted to use voice recognition. "Let's put that all together," a fourth member said. That's how we came up with the idea of making voice-controlled battle robots.

Before we dove into making robots, we sat down and thought about the design and the goals we had that would guide us during our 8 week project. We set goals that would guide us as a team in our design and manufacturing, and goals that would guide us individually as to what role we wanted to play on the team.

Our Overarching Goals:

Make use of technology in new and interesting ways

Make something with a "wow" factor

Make something aesthetically pleasing

Do something with technical challenges

Make a product that people want to use

Our Individual Goals

  • Jordan: Learn to machine, and integrate better.
  • Emma: Practice coding, system integration, and manufacturing, have a fun time, and learn new things.
  • Anya: Learn more about manufacturing, robotics, sensors, voice/word recognition.
  • Alli: Learn more about sensors, electronics and coding, addressing issues promptly.
  • Jamie: Learn more about robotics, sensors, system integration, and manufacturing.