About the Team

Photo of Kristin Aoki

Kristin Aoki

Software and Systems Engineer

I am a sophomore studying Engineering with Computing who mainly worked on the project's website and system integration. I hail from the great state of Texas and have diverse interests, ranging from community service to baking.

Photo of Elias Gabriel

Elias Gabriel

Software and Electrical Engineer

Hi, I'm Elias! I'm studying Computer and Software Engineer studying, and have taken charge of the control algorithms and software infrastructure for our robot. When not engineering, you'll probably find me gardening, exploring the world, hiking, or staring up into space.

Photo of Duncan Mazza

Duncan Mazza

Software Engineer

I'm Duncan, and I am pursuing Electrical and Computer Engineering and am especially interested in computer vision. I have lead on sensor integration for our robot, especially through implementing stereo camera vision and integrating it with path planning. When not coding, you'll find me playing piano in a jazz combo or engaging with entrepreneurial projects.

Photo of Meagan Rittmanic

Meagan Rittmanic

Mechanical Engineer

I’m Meagan, a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. I enjoyed working on the mechanical structure of this robot, especially the walking mechanism. I love singing, running, and being outside.

Photo of Olivia Seitelman

Olivia Seitelman

Mechanical Engineer

I’m Olivia and I’m a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. I worked on the design, mechanical structure and fabrication of the robot. I enjoy reading and traveling as well as applying my engineering skills in theater tech work.