Project overview

We set out to create a robot that could control a writing implement to create art. Over the course of eight weeks, we learned lots about the perils of PCB design, the wonders of WiFi chips, and the marvels of miniaturization (among other things).

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Our Team

We are five students from the class of 2022 at Olin College of Engineering, encompassing a broad range of interests and expertise, from software development to electrical engineering to mechanical design and project management.

Chris Lee

Chris is a current sophomore at the one and only Olin College of Engineering. He is studying electrical and computer engineering with a focus in rock climbing. In this project, his learning was focused on PCB design and project management. Though art is not his forte, he still tries!

Kristtiya Guerra

Kristtiya Guerra is a 2nd year in the graduating class of 2022. She is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering but also enjoys doing design and art as a hobby. Her learning goals for this project was to work with electrical systems, PCB design, and programming.

Mary Fung

Mary Fung is a member of the class of 2022 and is planning to major in mechanical engineering. She enjoys crafts and spending time in shop. Her learning goals for the project included working on CAD skills and practicing rapid prototyping, as well as learning a basic undersatanding of coding and software.

Shashank Swaminathan

Shashank is a current sophomore at Olin College of Engineering. He is majoring in electrical and computer engineering, with interests in underwater robotics and communication and signaling in complex environments. His focus for this project was creating a clean and scalable communication structure for the robot. He spends his free time doing music and badminton.

Shreya Chowdhary

Shreya is a sophomore majoring in Engineering with Computing. She enjoys algorithm design and web development, and hoped to learn more about systems integration and project management in this project. When she's not working on mini-drawing-bots, she can be found contemplating what exactly counts as "art" (she would argue a good meme is modern art).