"Feel the Music"

Techtile is a music braille printer designed for

musicians with visual impairment.

Our team set out to develop a braille printer that can convert musical instrument digital interface files into braille sheet music. It offers an accessible way for visually impaired musicians to access digitized music and be able to have the music in sheet music format without searching in store. Techtile provides musician with visual impairment with a wider resources of sheet music and eases the process of obtaining braille sheet music.

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Check out our mechanical and explore our gantry, paper rolling mechanism, a solenoid powered punching mechanism!

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Take a look at our electrical system with stepper motors, solenoid circuits, and our protoboard!

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Check out our software system: python and Arduinio communication, controlled stepper motors, and parsed music files.

See how our team progressed!

26 Oct 2018

Sprint 1

9 Nov 2018

Sprint 2

30 Nov 2018

Sprint 3

13 Dec 2018

Sprint 4

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