What is this project?

Aeroponics is a plant growing technique where the roots are suspended in the air and nutrients are delivered to them through a fine mist.

This growing technique saves water and nutrients by directly applying them to the roots and creates faster growing plants that don't rely on seasons.

These past two months we have embarked on a journey to create an aeroponic garden that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, autonomous, and can be controlled from a webpage.

Want to learn more?

Our Product

Autonomous aeroponic gardens are complex systems with a lot of components. Click here if you want to learn more about the final product and our software, electrical, and mechanical components of it.

Our Process

It took us a lot of blood, sweat, tears and time to get to where we are. Click here to learn more about the steps we took to eventually arrive at our final product and to see how much money we spent getting there.


We're really awesome people who had a lot of knowledge coming into this project and developed even more during it. Click here to learn more about what we knew, what we learned, and how cool we are!