Mechanical Overview

Learn about our process for designing and fabricating our self-balancing unicycle!

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Electrical Overview

Learn about our process for creating our electrical system!

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Software Overview

See the code behind the self balancing unicycle!

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Design Process

Sprint 1

In the first sprint, we simulated our inverted pendulum by using the motors and the chassis used in the line following robot and attaching a bar over the chassis. We also created a PID to control motor velocity and balance through angle control

Sprint 2

In sprint 2, we looked for appropriate components, designed a full CAD file, and optimized the control loop.

During this sprint, all our raw materials and components came in enabling us to finally lock CAD, and begin assembling our full drivetrain system.

Sprint 4

For the final sprint, we pivoted and created a electrically powered scooter instead of a self balancing unicycle.