What is our project?

Our Project is DrawBot named Andrew, a CNC drawing mechanism that can illustrate simple shapes. It is made of fiber board, 3D filament (PLA) and Acrylic. It was programmed using Python and Arduino, and runs on stepper motors and an arduino.

Why did we make Andrew?

Initially, we wanted to create a Period Simulator, but that project had too many constraints, and would hinder our learning. We decided to sit down and come up with a set of goals that we would like our final project to execute. We all shared some common goals - we were all passionate about promoting self-care, and wanted to create a product "we were proud of" and "that it would add value to someone's life". Our Drawing Bot, Andrew, ensures that individuals make time for themselves by sitting down, taking a deep breath, and appreciating the art the bot makes for them.

Our Goals

As stated earlier, we wanted to create something that could make people happy. In order to achieve this, we broke down our main goals into smaller, specific goals that would allow us to create an amazing robot that would satisfy our larger goals.


Every good project should also be aesthtically pleasing, which is why we have tried to make our robot and it's output visually satisfying.


We did not want to just create a robot. Our goal is to make something approachable, cute, and almost human-like.


As a team, we care a lot about self-care, and our goal with this robot was to make people happy by watching Andrew draw the image of their choice.


We wanted to challenge ourselves, and ensure that we achieved our goal of happiness. Therefore we tried to get Andrew to capture and illustrate an image of the user's drawings/object of their choice.