quite a sleek render


We are a team building a robot that simulates BB-8 from the the popular fictional series "Star Wars"

For our class Principles of Engineering at the Olin College of Engineering, we are designing and building a replica of BB-8. The goal of this class is to integrate mechanical, electrical, and software systems. We chose to create BB8 because we thought that it presents interesting mechanical, electrical, and software challenges. One feature of our BB-8 replica that is quite interesting is the ability for it to detect people and then follow them. We decided to add this feature because it is quite different to other BB8 replicas and also gives us an interesting software aspect to work on.

We hope that you are able to understand the process that we went through to create this robot through our website. We made some significant improvements throughout our journey from sprint 1 to sprint 3. Please take a gander through our website to discover more about the mechanical, electrical, and software components that make up our project.