Our Project

Our objectives for this project were to create a piano playing robot that could play a simple song as well as a beginner. Our minimum viable product was a one finger bot that could play by sliding from note to note along a gantry, with a hard coded basic song. This would be controlled by a stepper motor and a servo motor. Because most members of our team had minimal prior experience working with mechanical, electrical, and computational components, our goals as a group were to develop basic skills in those areas, communicate well, and create a visually pleasing product with motor integration.

Skills we used



Integrating two stepper motors, two servos, and an LCD screen on one Arduino.

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Drafting, machining, assembling, and every step along the way.

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Software and Firmware

Coding the Arduino to move our “finger” systems based on user interaction.

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Our Process Abridged

Time Lapse Video

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