Unwinding the spool...


We are Team Adryft

As part of Olin's Principles of Engineering curriculum, we designed and fabricated a CNC string art machine.

Project Overview

The StringoMatic

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Our Progress

We divided our 8-week work period into 2-week long "sprints". You can explore what we accomplished during each sprint below.

Our Team

We are a team of second-year students at Olin College.

Enmo Ren

Enmo Ren is member of Class 2021 and currently majoring in Computer Science. She likes writing buggy code and eagers to learn about game programming.

Erika Lu

Erika is a computer science major. She enjoys graphic design and food photography.

Cassandra Overney

Cassandra is a second year who is planning to major in computing. She likes studying microbes, learning about microscopy, reading, and pretending to be a writer.

Leon Santen

Leon Santen is a member of the class 2021 and majoring in robotics. He is doing sustainable design research and curious about most engineering fields, learning about their potential and using them as powerfully integrated tools. Besides that playing music, DJing, and anything social is how he seeks to spend his time.

Jonathan Zerez

Jonathan Zerez is a sophomore currently studying mechanical engineering… maybe. It is really quite unclear. What does he like to do? Also quite unclear. The one thing he can be sure of is that he needs to wait for more data before he can make a confident statement or hold a valid opinion. When will that happen? It seems rather unclear.