A Robotic Sculpture that Mimics Human Motion

"We're going places" – Allison Basore


Welcome to our project gallery for Manny the Man.

When we first came together as students in the Principles of Engineering class, we knew we wanted to build something that could last beyond our class, was aesthetically pleasing, and that brought joy to people as an interactive object. Soon we realized that all our interested aligned in a project we called Manny the Man (MTM). We decided that Manny would be a sculpture that mimicked the motion of a user. To make our dream for Manny to come true, we broke the idea down into a mechanical, electrical and software pieces. Manny would be controlled with pulleys. He would use an Arduino to control Servos, and it would use a Microsoft Kinect to receive user movements.

Here is a system diagram of our final product!

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