Meet Cascade, the configurable water curtain.

Cascade is designed for Olin's Principles of Engineering class.
Team Cascade is Audrey Lewis, Carl Moser, Diego Garcia, Kim Winter, and Lauren Gulland.

Cascade was designed to be a pleasing system that challenged the team's engineering chops.

How does it Work?

Cascade is an integrated display with mechanical, electrical, and software components

Learn About an Individual System


Cascade’s mechanical system encompasses the water distribution and recollection system, and the surrounding structure that supports it. It also includes connections and wire routing for seamless integration with the electrical system.


Our electrical system is comprised of the actuation and control of each of the individual nozzles. Through a series of shift registers and MOS-FETs, we control the actuation through the output of an Arduino specified by code.


Our software is probably the least complex system, due to its sole job being to designate the correct timing for printing patterns. We did this by creating binary bitwise assignments specifying all nozzle states simultaneously.

Our Process

Sprint 1

We started with a bucket, a nozzle, and a dream.

Sprint 2

Research, design, and recovering from mistakes pushed us forward despite being material-limited.

Sprint 3

We learned a ton from calculations, integration, and killing our darlings and redesigning from scratch.

Sprint 4

Scaling, determination, and testing bring us down the home stretch!