Why Solenoids?
Why Not Solenoids

All the joy of an internal combustion engine, with fewer explosions.

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Bill of Materials

Money, and how we spent it.

Meet the Team

We think that we're alright people

Person 1

Alexander Scott


A man with so many countries he can’t pick which one he’s from. Alex is a second year ME major, with a penchant for things that go vroom. His main contributions lie with the design of the solenoids, and the fabrication of mechanical components. If he can’t be found in the shop trying to not screw up a part, and not building drones, he’s probably out flying airplanes.

Person 2

Steven Meyer


Second year studying Mechanical Engineering, spends free time watching things spin. Main contributions include crankshaft design, and fabrication of mechanical components.When Steven is not attempting to finish his PoE project, he fills his time with “restoring” a thirty year old Mercedes-Benz beyond its former glory.

Person 3

Andrew Pan


Andrew is a sophomore studying Engineering with Computing, often found coding from an impressive slouching position and making use of nearby olympic bars and power racks. His main contributions to the project include the development of the software actuating the solenoids, temperature control, and creating the electrical circuitry for the system. Outside of PoE Andrew can be seen spinning fire and attempting to understand the word “flange”.

Person 4

Leon Lam


Second year E:Computing major, interested in microcontrollers, remote control. Main contributions include implementation of the rotary encoder system, PI control loop for solenoid actuation and website-based remote control of engine parameters. When not doing computer magic, Leon can be found grinding his way through various video games.

Person 5

Hunter Normandeau


Hunter is certainly an individual. Finally able to hold down a school on his 3rd try, he’s technically a junior by graduation year but is currently in PoE. Firmly a MechE, he wastes most of his free time messing about with automobiles or watching machining videos. Hunter is the only one of the group able to operate Olin’s CNC milling machines if that’s any indication as to the amount of work he’s done.