We set out to provide a one of a kind interactive exploration of the encryption powers of the Enigma Machine, the world famous WWII cryptography device.

The Enigma

Inspired by the original machine, our design elucidates the power of the encryption process.

Our Process

Broken into 4 two week long sprints, follow our journey of setbacks and successes as we took this Enigma visualization from an idea into an interactive experience.

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System Overview

The system has a variety of electrical, mechanical, and software components that all must interact flawlessly in order to accurately produce the intended visualization.

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About Us

Our team is composed of five sophomore students studying a variety of engineering disciplines at Olin College of Engineering.

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Originally a private security encryption machine, once WWII began, the Enigma machine was quickly converted into Nazi Germany's secret weapon. They used the machine to encrypt and decrypt war messages, keeping strategic intel out of Allied hands.

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The Class

In Principles of Engineering, affectionately referred to as POE, students work in teams to build an electromechanical system with nontrivial electrical, mechanical, and software components. Each team takes their project through the stages of design, prototyping, testing, and debugging while simultaneously maintaining a budget of $250. In just six weeks the teams produce a fully integrated and operational product.

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Olin College

Olin College of Engineering is a new school founded on the idea of reinventing engineering education. Instead of spending the first year or two of their engineering education taking math and science courses in isolation, Olin students begin taking fully integrated, project based engineering classes in their first semester. By the time the average Olin student graduates, they will have completed around 36 team engineering projects, learning to effectively communicate and work in teams as well as the technical skills necessary to succeed in engineering careers.

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