An incredibly simple way to get around.

LeadMe is a haptic anklet designed to easily guide you anywhere, without staring at your smartphone. A ring of vibrating motors in a durable silicone body notify you where your turn is. The onboard electronics connect the anklet to your Android smartphone, providing directions in a comortable form factor ready to take you wherever you want to go. The LeadMe app seamlessly connects to the anklet over Bluetooth, to start moving toward your goals.

How it works

LeadMe consists of several integrated parts. The image below shows a complete diagram of all the systems involved in the final product. Click the links below to learn more about each subsystem.

Want more in-depth technical details about our process? Check out our details page!

Who we are

LeadMe is built by the dream team. A mechanical engineer crafted the exterior, an electrical engineer designed the heart, and three software engineers carefully tied everything together - just for you.

Chris Wallace

Area of Expertise: Android development
Superpower: Lightning fast Android prototypes.

Chris feels most comfortable in the code, and for this project that's mostly where he stayed, cranking out line after line of occasionally commented Android code. When he wasn't knee deep in Null Pointer Exceptions, he was helping Nagy pump mold iterations full of silicone.

Dakota Nelson

Area of Expertise: Integration
Superpower: Pretending he's an electrical engineer.

Dakota mostly does software, but occasionally moonlights into hardware. For this project, he did a little of everything - from pick and place to web design. For more projects, check out his website, dakotanelson.com.

Dimitar Dimitrov

Area of Expertise: Circuit design and fabrication
Superpower: DIY circuit boards that work every time.

Dimitar really likes electrons. The more he can plays with them, the happier he gets. Sometimes he uses a keyboard, sometimes a soldering iron, and sometimes a magnitized needle and a steady hand.

Nagy Hakim

Area of Expertise: Mechanical design and fabrication
Superpower: Fitting so much into such a tiny anklet.

As the team's sole mechanical engineer, Nagy spends his time trying to show his dominance over the world of 3D printed PLA and shore 30 polymers. When not proving he's better than inorganic substances, he's working on complex mold designs in Solidworks.

Philip Seger

Area of Expertise: Web development
Superpower: Dev experience on nearly every system.

Philip loves companies with the name I, and mainly works on the Software Engineering side of things. For this project, he worked with web development and Android UI/UX, helping wherever else was needed. If you want to learn more, check out his website, philipseger.com.