bLOCK: POE 2014


Forget your keys- just carry your phone like you always do. bLOCK is a smart bike lock that is automatically controlled via a Bluetooth connection synced with your phone. Via an Android app downloaded on your phone, you can lock and unlock your bike with a push of a button or have it automatically unlock when you are nearby. Plus, with the simple locking mechanism and compact size of bLOCK, securing your bike is easier than ever.
Disclaimer: Though functional, this version of bLOCK is largely conceptual. Because of time and budget constraints, we decided to build a prototype that conveyed the functionality of our concept, but the lock itself is not secure, because it is built primarily with 3D printed materials. Throughout our process, however, we had manufacturing processes in mind, and we hope that our prototype could be recreated with durable, strong materials to make a bLOCK we would all use to secure our bikes.

Final Project Design

Final Iteration

Fully integrated bike lock

The key of our project was to create a user interface that was so intuitive that you could just forget about it. Our app runs in the background of your phone to make sure that your bike locks exacly when it should. If you want full control, open the app to see the state of your bike lock with a quick glance or adjust its behaviors with a tap or don't and use our handy widget to control your bike from your home screen.

In our final bLOCK iteration, the fully-fledged electrical system is battery powered, boasts a rechargeable port, has implemented a call response protocol and Bluetooth security on an Arduino, and can read when you are walking towards or away from your bLOCK, automatically locking or unlocking.

In the final iteration of our priject, we had to develop a way to integrate all of the components. This included the locking mechanism and the electrical components.

Components of our Project

Mechanical Design

Learn about how the lock was made and its design process.

Electrical Design

What are the electrical componetnts of our design? What is powering everything?

Software Design

What is our firmware? How do things work on the software side of things?