A LEGO Brick Sorter

Every night 3-5 employees sit on the floor of a LEGOLand Discovery Center and hand sort the dirty bricks by color. It is an inefficient, unsanitary, and degrading process that needs to be automated.

This is why we built the Automatic LEGO Brick Sorter! Our machine is an integrated mechanical and electrical system that uses computer vision to sort the bricks by color and shape. It is also fun to watch and could make a perfect addition to any LEGOLand Discovery Center!


Sorting bricks by color is a demeaning task that even a robot could do, so we built one!


Our machine reduces exposure to the germ-harboring bricks, thus keeping the employees healthier.


With our machine, each LEGOLand could save over a thousand dollars a month!

The System

Click on the name of each element for a detailed design description.

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LEGO Bricks Used


Want to build your own automated LEGO brick sorter? Follow our LEGO style instructions guide to learn how!

The Process

For this project, we completed three two-week sprints for an agile approach. For each sprint, we completed an integrated system that brought us closer to our final product.

Sprint 1

Sorting by Color

  • Spinning Plate
  • OpenCV Color Detection
  • Tilting Plate

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Sprint 2

A Modular System

  • Rotating Isolator
  • OpenCV Size Detection
  • Slides and Ramps

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Sprint 3

Aesthetic and Functional

  • Fix Bugs
  • Freestanding Structure
  • Refine out Designs

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Item Description Unit Cost Quantity Total
1 1021 Lego Bricks* $35.00 1 $35.00
2 Cups* $0.01 10 $0.10
3 Webcam* $10.99 2 $21.98
4 Rasberry Pi* $35.00 1 $35.00
5 Arduino* $14.98 1 $14.98
6 Servo $14.99 1 $14.99
7 Stepper Motor $16.79 1 $16.79
8 Stepper Motor Driver* $10.99 1 $10.99
9 Power Supply* $7.50 1 $7.50
10 Stepper Motor Hub $5.24 1 $5.24
11 3D Printing Filament* $4.75 1 $4.75
12 Pegboard 2'x4'* $9.57 1 $9.57
13 High Density Fiberboard 18"x24" * $7.19 1 $7.19
14 Clear Acrylic Sheet 12" x 24" x 1/8" $10.99 4 $43.96
15 Wood 2x4* $2.58 3 $7.74
16 Sheet Metal* $0.60 1 $0.60
17 Assorted Nuts, Bolts and Screws* $0.01 50 $0.50
18 Super Glue $3.69 2 $7.38
19 Milk Paint* $2.06 1 $2.06
20 Vinyl Sticker* $3.20 1 $3.20
Total including free items $257.78
Total excluding free items $132.55

* indicates items that were scavenged, found or provided by the college.

Meet the Team

After hours of sorting bricks at LEGOLand Discovery Center, I can finally design and build the robot to steal my job!

For this project, Raquel used her networking magic to talk to two different Master Model Builders! Her learning goals were to stay on brand and create a polished final product.

Raquel Dunoff
Project Manager

Katie is originally from Michigan and spends most of her time making potentially autonomous boats, playing board games, and listening to musicals. Katie is the proud owner a LEGO table and over 30 pounds of LEGO bricks.

As part of LEGpOe, she mainly worked on mechanical design, CAD, and documenting Eric’s quotes. Her learning goals for this project were: designing for integration and creating a modular system.

Katie Thai-Tang
Design Engineer

Eric’s first LEGOs were a box of mismatched bricks that came from a yard sale when he was five. His other interests, in no particular order, include bees, history, his dog, sci-fi and fantasy, tea, maps, Vermont, and music.

As part of LEGpOe, he’s been doing a lot of mechanical design and has been improving his CAD skills through 3D printing all the plastic parts of the LEGO Sorter machine.

Eric Jacobsen
Design Engineer

Serna is originally from South Texas and is now permanently cold. Growing up she loved to build Star Wars Lego sets with her older brother.

For the project, she worked on making CAD models and laser cutting. She was also very excited to include finger joints in her designs!

Erika Serna
Mechanical Engineer

Anna loves the outdoors and never turns down an opportunity to go hiking or biking. She cares about sustainability and ironically remembers her gas station LEGO set most distinctly.

Anna has been leading the software side of this project. She worked with OpenCV and Arduino and has learned a lot about integration.

Anna Griffin
Software Engineer