Our Project

For Principles of Engineering, we were given eight weeks to create a project that involves nontrivial mechanical, electrical, and software components. We set out to design a mechanical jukebox with 13 marble chutes that plays Twinkle, Twinkle and ended with...

An aesthetically-inspired, interactive mechanical jukebox that plays multiple songs, utilizing solenoid actuation, a magnetic return system, and MIDI file processing.

Read about how we did it.


Electrical Subsystem

Overview of each of the electrical subsystems.

Mechanical Subsystem

The hardware under the hood of our mechanical jukebox.

Software/Firmware Subsystem

The code that makes the music happen.

How Things Work

System/Interaction Schematic

Find out how all the subsystems interface to deliver our tunes.

How we got to where we are.

A look into the process we took through our eight-week project.

About Us

Meet the five Jukebox Heroes who made the project happen.


An in-depth look at what it cost to make our jukebox happen.

Our Process

A sprint-by-sprint look at how we got to where we are.

Our Timeline

A general overview of the timeline for our project, broken down into sprints.